Animator, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Specialist

E&S Orthodontics

E&S Orthodontics

I didn't realize until after getting hired by E&S Orthodontics just how much dental offices needed to market. I mean, they are constantly pushing out new collateral, promotions, and ads. It's insane! Anyway, we developed this cartoon set of characters to create some continuity between marketing material. The work I do at E&S is very quick on turnarounds. While I'm given pretty free rein on projects, there's usually a lot of back-and-forth between marketing directors and doctors. So, if anything, I've learned here how to be efficient more than anything else.

Dental Ed Handout

Dentists, like the rest of us, go to conferences and continue their education. E&S regularly hosts these things, and I designed a handout to give the other doctors. 

Diet Chart

Braces are complicated, so we made a handy handout for kids to consult. 

Gift Tags

Orthodontists, like many dental specialists, make lots of visits to general offices to talk about what their practices do and recommend themselves for referrals. E&S in particular likes to make customized tags on gift baskets. 

Additional pieces

The needs of the office were very diverse, and gave me a lot of fun opportunities to try lots of different things in many different formats.