Animator, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Specialist

Sun Devil Fitness Work

Sun Devil Fitness

I worked two years as a marketing/desgin intern for the Sun Devil Fitness program at Arizona State University. Assignments generally went along the lines of: "We need this thing done, sometime this week." I'd be given responsibility for coming up with how we'd go about it (print? video? web?), what we'd do (a series of posters, a web short, flyers, etc), and how we'd go about it (scheduling photo shoots, writing copy, talking to printers and suppliers). It was an excellent experience and great opportunity to go beyond being "just" a designer to overseeing projects from beginning to end. 

Personal Training Poster Campaign

We really wanted to push our personal training classes at the Complex. My idea was to put the spotlight on our talented students, making them both relatable and admirable, to draw in student interest. We worked with the campus photo studio to get some action shots and then produced posters to go all over campus. These black-backdrop posters were rather tall, and designed to all be posted next to each other.

Part of the campaign also needed special focus on the specific classes provided. For Combat Sports, I spent some time talking to the student instructors, and was impressed with their abilities, so I figured it'd be compelling to capture them in action. Since the photo studio couldn't manage it, I shot these myself. I had them do multiple actions in multiple angles. Then I stitched the photos together into a banner. It was particularly challenging because we were very tight on time and our office only had the budget for a camera, but no lights. 

Sparky's Fitness Challenge

Sun Devil Fitness at our particular campus had a tradition of running a "Sparky's Fitness challenge" event. The challenge was to make an event about pushing yourself to your limits as accessible and welcoming as possible. I produced the flyers, shirts, photos, and posters. I also filmed and did photos for the event itself.


As we were developing a new building we needed some promotional material. It was rather difficult since a great deal of information was not allowed to come out yet but we had to promote it anyway, with a total lack of photos to boot. Once built, we also developed a handout for students to use. It was a square that could fold out into a large layout with a map on the back. 

Promotional Posters

Obviously as a campus recreation center, we had all sorts of activities running all the time. There'd always be at least one thing going on that we had to promote so these were on pretty tight turnarounds. As marketing intern as well, I also constantly collected data to get a gauge for how we were doing.